“My 96 year old mom needs daycare while I’m at work.  I am her caregiver for 1/3 the year.  I lucked onto Rose Cottage, the daycare arm of Professional Caretakers.  This was quite a few years ago, after I checked out many alternatives.  The people seemed professional, yet casual.  Competent, yet friendly.  Just the right mix.

Having my mom with Rose Cottage is the next best thing to me being there. They treat her like a person, not a client/patient. She teases them…they tease her right back…just like you do with your friends. Every single person I’ve come in contact with truly cares about Mom. What ever special thing I ask for, they do with a positive attitude, even keeping Mom on her diabetic diet. The fact that they have a nurse on duty at all times is icing on the cake. Each morning when we arrive we are greeted by the receptionist with “Hello lovely ladies.”  What a way to start the day!

One time I was wheeling Mom out to to the car in the rain when one of the administrative people popped up from behind his desk with an umbrella and took us to the car so Mom wouldn’t get wet. When I pick her up and ask her how her day was she tells me how nice they are to “old ladies.” Each summer when she leaves my care and goes to my sister, the Rose Cottage has a little party for her.  I even saw a couple of the staff cry…they, like I, miss her…until next year.

I cannot recommend the Rose Cottage highly enough.”

– Judy, Member daughter

“I really enjoy watching westerns on the large screen TV.  On crafting day, I always make a gift for my wife, Mary Nell.  My wife likes knowing I’m being well cared for and enjoying a hot catered lunch everyday.”

– Jon, Member

“Professional Caretakers/Rose Cottage took care of my elderly mother for a year. I cannot express with enough gratitude, appreciation, blessings for Professional Caretakers/Rose Cottage who provide for my mother and myself.  My mother was wheelchair bound and needed to be cared for 24/7.  I am self-employed and work part-time out of the house, and my hours vary greatly in that work.  The team at The Rose Cottage, the adult daycare, more than met our needs.  If I needed to drop off mom earlier than business hours, I was accommodated.  If I was going to be a little late, I was accommodated.   Without The Rose Cottage, I would not have been able to continue working.

The care and love that was shown to my mother went way above my expectations for her.  They provide more than just care.  They help their clients by showing respect to them, no matter what the situation is, i.e., stroke, Alzheimer’s patients, or family of clients that just need to have a loved one watched while they run errands. The staff listen to their clients, converse with their clients, they get to really know and care for their clients.  They aren’t just “baby-sitters” that are there to watch over the clients. The staff at The Rose Cottage provide activities to help with memory, logic, and physical exercise.   Lunch can be provided.  You can be on a drop-in basis or have everyday care, all day or part-time.The price per hour is extremely reasonable for the care given.   My mother loved all the people there, from the staff to the friendships she made with other clients.  I truly believe my mother recovered and was able to be with us for the year only because of The Rose Cottage and the staff there.  There are holiday activities, from Fourth of July activities, to Thanksgiving dinners, to Christmas decorations.  They have little monthly birthday parties for all birthdays in that month.

I am in love with the staff at The Rose Cottage.  I could not give a high enough recommendation for anyone needing care for their loved one.  I drove 27 miles one way for the service that was provided by The Rose Cottage at least 3 times a week for a year.  I would do it all over again, In fact, I went in  just to visit with the staff and clients there just recently.  They became a part of our family. That is how much I respect and appreciate their service. I know that the clients that have been to The Rose Cottage feel the same way, as I have spoken to many of them.  You cannot go wrong with Rose Cottage and Professional Caretakers.”

– Katharene, Member daughter

“Being at home alone all day can be boring,” said Robert B. who has been coming to the Rose Cottage five days a week for over two years. “I’ve made a lot of new friends here. We play dominoes, there are computers, a large screen television, plus we are always celebrating something or someone.”

– Bob, Member

“I love to come to the daycare because everyone here is so nice.  Its fun, clean and there is always something good to eat.  I like to go outside and others will follow.  Life is grand.”

– Paul, Member

“I like to go… so I like this place.  I always have a good time when I am here.  I have pretty handwriting and like to write.”

– Mabel Ruth, Member

” What mom liked most about The Rose Cottage were the people:  cottage members and employees.  She loved visiting with everyone.   She loved the activity of the cottage.  She was comfortable and felt at home.  I loved the fact that she loved it so much there.  The fact that “Eagle Eye, endless energy” Terry,  kept her safe, was a real comfort.   I knew when I dropped mom off she was going to be well taken care of,  safe and loved in return.

My gratitude and love for the cottage has not diminished one bit!   Love you all!!”

– Katherine, Member daughter

“Every day at the Rose Cottage is like spending time in a dear friend’s home.  It is such a warm, welcoming and loving place.  The highly skilled and devoted staff instantly adopted my mother and me into their wonderful, special family.  My mother and I both have many dear friends from The Rose Cottage, and I look forward to celebrating special times with them for years to come.

I cannot imagine a better place for my mother.”

– Debbie, Member daughter

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