The Rose Cottage Will NOT Reopen. We will apply all our efforts to our home care business!

It has been our sincere pleasure to serve Fort Worth, our Veterans and their families. We want all of you to know how much we love and miss you. Unfortunately, due to the Covid restrictions, we have been unable to reopen. After much thought and prayer, we have decided to pursue other paths. We trust that God will guide us.

If you would like to find a similar daycare service, we can highly recommend James L West (800) 385-2527 or Encore Senior Daycare Center (817) 385-9022. If you need home care, please call us at (817) 921-9500.

Maureen and Howard Petersen

Premium Lifestyle

The Rose Cottage is an adult day care center (ages 18 to 100+) that was founded in 2009 by Professional amenitiesCaretaker’s owner, Maureen Petersen. Her vision is to provide the same quality, compassionate care at the Rose Cottage that Professional Caretakers has delivered in home care since 1988. The Rose Cottage offers adults quality daycare along with the opportunity for socialization and activities.

The Rose Cottage is not just a senior daycare, but more like a Country Club.   Members enjoy activities and socialization throughout the day, in an upscale setting.  For those who require specialized care, our staff, supervised by an RN, will provide the care required during the day.  If needed, home care for night hours can be arranged. We are unique in that we can provide daycare as well as arrange for in home care.  Many times, this combination, along with family support can prevent the member from institutionalization.

And for those who require assistance, our RN supervised staff render exceptional care and our unwavering commitment to treat every resident with respect, preserve their dignity and independence, and provide peace of mind to their families.

Compassionate, comprehensive and dignified care is just a phone call away.

Call (817) 945-3362 to learn more.

Mission Statement

The Rose Cottage of Texas is devoted to brightening the days of older or disabled adults by providing opportunities for socialization and activities in a safe, secure environment. Our commitment is to treat all older adults with respect, to preserve their dignity and independence, and to provide peace of mind to their families.